• Early Bird offering of $450 instead of $516 for 12 lessons (savings of $66) is available prior to the beginning of each new term at HQ The ARENA & SAFRA Tampines & Tanglin ON Saturday unless stated otherwise.
  • Enjoy one free trial session before signing up!
    • $100 Registration Fee Per Child –
      (includes jersey with name & number, shorts, cap, socks and shoe bag)
    • $90 Refundable Deposit per child to be paid upon registration
  • $43 per session regardless of venue charged based on a term of 12 weeks if paid after the early bird deadline.
  • A minimum of 6 sessions per student per term basis. NO per session payment.
  • $38 discounted rate per class for Tanglin Trust students for classes taken at their school
  • Fees are to be paid on a term basis on or before the new term begins or on the 1st day attended in the new term


Tuesdays & Wednesday & Thursdays At HQ The ARENA

  • $25 per mid-week session as long as it is a student’s 2nd session for the week
  • Mid-Week Discounted Rate
    • Purchase 10 midweek-sessions at a package of $200
      (discounted rate of $20 per session)
  • If you are attending the mid-week session as your 1st JSSL training session, you will be charged at the above weekend rate of $43 per session.


Q: What does the registration fee include?

A: It includes administrative fees, plus the training kit (jersey with printing), shorts, shoe bag, cap and socks.

Q: How long is one session?

A: 1.5 hours

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit?

A: The deposit covers roughly 2 lessons, and is a security measure as we have had children come for training and leaving without paying. Note that this deposit is refundable.

Q: I would like to withdraw my child from the lessons. What should I do?

A: Drop us an email. Upon receipt of deposit form, a cheque will be mailed you within 14  days.

Q: Can my child start training in the middle of the term?

A: Sure. We will pro rate the fees for you.

Q: What are the payment methods available?

A: We accept payment by cash, cheque, NETS, VISA, MasterCard or Bank Transfer.

Q: Can my child join the league without training?

A: No. All league players must join the JSSL training sessions in order to play in the league.

Q: My child missed a lesson, can I do a makeup session?

A: Yes. However, makeup has to be done within the term at any timings at the available
centres. We do not carry forward lessons that were not used, unless the child was ill and
has a doctor’s note.

Q: My child wants to come on a Wednesday session instead of a weekend session.
What is the rate?

A: It’s still charged as $43 per session (based on a 12-week term)

Q: Why do some kids get the $200 package rate or $25 per session rate for the week

A: This is because they are attending the 2nd session for the week. 2nd sessions are priced at
a discounted rate.

Q: Can my child join the Elite/NeXt Gen team?

A: Elite/NeXt Gen teams are based on selection by the coaches.

Q: Does my child need to wear shin pads for training?

A: Yes. However, we do not provide shin pads. Please purchase them at your own cost.

Q: What happens if it rains before the training starts?

A: Do call the JSSL Weather Line – 96409047 as we would leave a message stating if
training is on or cancelled.

Q: What happens if training is cancelled?

A: If we cancel the class, we would schedule a make up lesson on another day.

Q: What happens if it rains during the session?

A: The students will wait out 10-15 minutes for the rain to lessen, then continue with the
training. Unless there is thunder/lightning, we will look to do a make-up session.

For more information on Class Fees & Make Up Policy, please click here

Please contact 6348 5780 or email for more queries.