JSSL Coaching Opportunities


Players deserve the best.

Here at JSSL Singapore, we believe that every JSSL player should receive quality coaching and support. We also believe that coaches play an instrumental role in players’ growth and development. In order to bring out the best in our players, we place significant focus on the training and progress of our coaches as well.

Following our JSSL P.R.I.D.E values, the coach’s Personality and Character is of upmost importance. Coaching certificates and past experiences are hence secondary. We look for individuals who are passionate, responsible, have the desire to improve, and are willing to learn

Here at JSSL, there is a pathway for coaches from all backgrounds and starting points. We provide opportunities for coaches to work with all age groups – from toddlers to teenagers. Capable coaches, who show potential, will be given the chance to do more, to be outside of the comfort zone and the opportunity to raise their bar!

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