JSSL Goalkeeping Program

In every JSSL team, on top of their usual defensive duties within the team, a JSSL goalkeeper is tasked to start the team’s attacks too. They are the sweeper for the team and is seen as the spare outfielder at the back, hence playing a huge role within the team’s offensive tactics.

Goalkeepers coming through the JSSL Goalkeeping program are hence not just trained to excel with their saves or blocks between the posts, but are also challenged to improve their contribution to the overall team’s play.

Our specific goalkeeping sessions plus team training sessions are designed to develop the next generation of modern goalkeepers.

Over the past 12 months JSSL has had 2 goalkeepers train at Fulham Football Club Academy in the UK for  2 week period. This has included academy games against the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal Academy.

Join our Goalkeeping specific sessions to train with Singapore’s Ex-International goalkeeper, Rezal Hassan, at the venues and timings below:


JSSL Goalkeeping Training Times

HQ, Arena
– u8s to u12s: Saturday, 1130am
– u12s to 16s: Saturday, 1230pm
– Elite & NeXt Gen: Tuesday, 530pm; Thursday, 6pm
– Girls: Saturday, 4pm