As Singapore’s Premier Youth Football Club & League Provider, we offer young boys and girls the opportunity to explore football at all levels in a safe environment. The JSSL Football Club Program promises to provide every player with a unique footballing experience as well as developing the person/individual behind the player. Our mission is to revolutionize youth football in Singapore with the most professional football club, the most encompassing youth leagues and Asia’s largest youth football tournament.

Elite Academy Philosophy

To develop the necessary technical and tactical skills needed for every player in accordance to their stage of development & growth. In addition, players are pushed to be the best learners possible while challenging them to take ownership of their personal development.

All players will be driven to be the best they can be, on top of demanding a competitive mindset but never to the extent of “winning at all cost”.

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Soccer School Philosophy

To provide boys and girls of all ages with the opportunity to discover the love of soccer.

Allowing everyone to train in a safe environment where they will experience fun filled games, learn the skills of the game and discover new friends.

With positive experiences gained during their time at JSSL Soccer School, they will be a fan of soccer for the of their life!

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