JSSL Singapore – Coronavirus Precautions & Protocol Update

As of February 7th 2002 regular trainings will continue at JSSL’s training venues. JSSL Singapore has introduced the following measures for all JSSL training sessions at all JSSL venues:

  1. All coaches, staff, players and officials will have their temperatures checked at all JSSL training venues prior to training sessions.
  2. Players and coaches are to proceed to the JSSL registration/information tents at each venue to have their temperature checked before they start their session, practice, game or warm up.
  3. Any individual with a temperature of 37.5 or above will be sent home and are encouraged to visit their local GP.
  4. We strongly encourage all parent/guardians to perform temperature checks at home prior to coming to their sessions or games.
  5. Once a player’s temperature has been taken, he/she will receive a stamp that will enable him/her to train or play (this is similar to our JSSL league stamps).
  6. Coaches and staff will receive a sticker badge with the date and temperature reading, they are required to place the sticker visibly on their top.
  7. All coaches will check their players stamp before the session / game to ensure that their temperatures have been taken.
  8. Coaches will split their training groups in smaller groups from the start of the session.
  9. We would encourage parents to drop off their children at training venues and collect them after the sessions.
  10. Parents that do decide to remain and watch we would ask that they follow the above procedure for the coaches. Please proceed to the JSSL registration/information tents at each venue to have their temperature checked and obtain a sticker with the date and temperature.
  11. Any player or parent who has returned from mainland China must take a 14 day leave of absence from training and the Leagues.

We appreciate everyone’s support and we hope that all parents can cooperate with these steps as we look to enhance our safety measures. Please expect that this process will take some time. This is a first for everyone and our staff who are doing their best.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as things progress and develop while taking advise from the Government agencies.

Kindly note that we ask all parents to be socially responsible and keep their children at home if they are unwell.

Any parent who wishes to withdraw their child from training sessions during this period of time due to the 2019nCoV, will be able to carry forward the missed sessions to next term when the situation improves or request a refund.

JSSL Management