JSSL FC & Tampines Rovers FC Partnership

JSSL FC & Tampines Rovers FC are looking to groom the future stars of Singapore

We are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with 5 time S-League champions, Tampines Rovers Football Club (TRFC). This will provide a clear pathway into professional football for our JSSL players.

In addition to our partnership with Fulham FC (England), this partnership with TRFC enables JSSL to provide a clear and tangible pathway into Professional football here in Singapore as well as internationally.

To help achieve our goal, scholarships will be awarded to 60 local players, both boys and girls across all age groups.




A JSSL FC Scholar would receive a full season of holistic football education from the JSSL Elite Program, where by players would be training 3 times a week plus game(s) on a Sunday. Also included in this developmental opportunity are participation in the JSSL Leagues as well as local competitions. Deserving players would be supported for International Tournaments, including the annual Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden.

JSSL FC’s recruitment policy includes the following criterias:
– Playing Ability: Players must be performing at a level higher than the respective Elite Group’s average
– Attitude: Players must possess and demonstrate characteristics of our JSSL P.R.I.D.E values
– Commitment: Players are expected to be committed to all trainings and games
– Must be a Singaporean Citizen or Permanent Resident

JSSL FC’s review policy:
– JSSL FC Scholars would be reviewed every 6 months as part of our JSSL Elite Program monitoring process
– Individual player reviews will be conducted with the coach and player, parents are involved at the younger ages
– Players will be renewed based on performance on and off the field

**Player is not already part of the JSSL Program – Only applies to NEW players**

Age Groups:
– 6s / 2011 (Boys)
– 7s / 2010 (Boys)
– 8s / 2009 (Boys & Girls)
– 9s / 2008 (Boys)
– 10s / 2007 (Boys & Girls)
– 11s / 2006 (Boys)
– 12s / 2005 (Boys & Girls)
– 14s / 2004 (Boys & Girls)

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Since the start of the JSSL Elite Program, JSSL FC has a track record of producing both local and international talents. Most recently, local graduate Ben Davis has been signed by Fulham FC. Previous seasons have seen Santiago Rocha signing for Sporting Portugal, Aryssa Mahrt representing USA U16 and Nina Kotroczo with Machester City U15. Locally, there are a host of JSSL graduates playing for the Singapore NFA teams, from Jordan Vestering (NFA U18), Joel Chew (NFA U17), Elliot Ng (NFA U18), Jacob Mahler (NFA U18), Royston Tan (NFA U18 Graduate), Saul Katz (NFA U17) to Zachary Ee (NFA U17). In the girls football scene, JSSL has the following players representing the Lion City, Venetia Lim (U14), Danelle Tan (U14), Nur Umairah (U16), Nur Afiqah (U16), Mira Ruzana (U16) and Nur Khairunnisa (U14)

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JSSL is proud of the achievements of our players and will continue to develop the future stars of tomorrow.