Elite Program

A focused and tailored program that pushes your game to the next level. In a highly competitive yet fun environment, we think of creative ways of challenging our players to be the best that they can be, while also providing them the platform to progress and improve as elite players.

We aim to cultivate a competitive mindset amongst our players, but never to the extent of “winning at all cost”.

Our Elite Pathway

We provide our players with a clear and proven pathway to professional football, with various entry points to the top level of football, both local and overseas, through strong partnerships with local and overseas clubs. Players who join our set-up have the best opportunity to prove themselves and improve with a clear end-goal in mind. Our main goal as a football club and coaching team is to maximise every individual’s development; as a player as well as a person off the pitch.

Our 10-Month Programme

Top-class training, weekly league matches and competitions, both local and overseas, complete our 10-month football calendar.

Overseas Trips

Our Elite teams travel frequently for competitive youth tournaments around the region, such as the Bangkok 7s, Royal Selangor Cup, and the Gothia Cup.

Training 3x Per Week

Our Elite teams train 3 times a week, with a JSSL League game every Sunday, providing an excellent platform to learn and compete.

Weekly Handouts and Videos

We provide weekly training handouts and videos to our players and parents, as part of our holistic Elite football development program.

Team Whatsapp Group

Each Elite team Whatsapp group provides easy communication between coaches and players, and also easy reference to our weekly training information.

Player Reports

We take our players' individual development seriously. We provide frequent player reports to ensure that our players know what they are doing well and what they can improve on.